Boss in the middle. Day 3 prayer challenge. Honesty – Wrap up.

IMG_0434My 3rd day into the “boss in the middle prayer challenge” was a good day.  The thought God gave me for today was “honesty”.  Sometimes that scares me, because left to my own devices, I can be too honest.  Almost brutally.  Sometimes it scares me because it is much easier to tell a half-truth than the whole-truth.  However, I trusted in God today and something amazing happened.

As soon as I got to work today, we began preparing for the presentation I wrote about yesterday.  In the middle of that, I was also taking care of other situations at work.  In fact, there were about 25-30 of us in the room and everyone was multi-tasking.  One such situation involved one of my colleagues.  In short, I needed to tell this person “no” about something where they desired a “yes”.  It wasn’t so much the “no” but the reason for the “no”, that would be the hard part.  Basically, they didn’t deserve a “yes”, based on performance.

I fretted about this situation and then it hit me, “God said, be honest today.”  So I was.  Plain and simple.  The results were astounding.  Not only did they accept the “no”, but we made a plan where a “yes” could be attained.  It’s not an easy path, but a path nonetheless.  If they want it, they can go get it.  In being honest, I didn’t have to make up a goofy excuse and I have also provided a development opportunity for this individual.  As bosses in the middle, we should always look to develop others.

I thought to myself “God you are awesome!”

Empowered by that experience, I helped the team knock the presentation out of the park today.  It was actually very successful.  It was so smooth, that I thought we skipped some parts.

In summary – The 10 minute prayers always end up being longer than 10 minutes.  I still have to remember “pray before anything else”, as it is not automatic yet.  Today was pretty calm as well.  But I felt really empowered, no doubt fueled by the victory of the earlier situation.

I know this sounds corny, but I seriously cannot wait to see what God has in store for tomorrow.