Prayer Challenge…

IMG_0422You can do it!  You’ve got to believe in yourself, before anyone else does.  Stay in the game and hunt down your fears, until they can no longer exist in the same space as your dreams.  If you believe in God and lean on him, you’ll have access to true power.  He is the one who will remove stumbling blocks and increase your level of life.  All you need to do is submit to His will.  It’s funny how we all learn this as young Christians, but for some reason, we decided to take our will back.  Then we get mad that we’re not where we want to be or feel like we’re behind in our mission.

We set ourselves up for failure by not following his simple rules for an abundant life.  If you’re off track, start off by praying to God for 10 minutes every morning, before you do anything else.  See how your week goes and then increase to 15 minutes the next week.

Come back here in two weeks and tell me what happened.  I’ll do it to and report the results on my blog.  Let’s call this a “prayer challenge”.

I’m excited!  I’ll let you know how it goes.