Boss in the middle – Prayer Challenge – Day 1.

IMG_0424We set ourselves up for failure by not following God’s simple rules for an abundant life. If you’re off track, start off by praying to God for 10 minutes every morning, before you do anything else. See how your week goes and then increase to 15 minutes the next week.

Come back here In two weeks and tell me what happened. I’ll do it to and report the results on my blog. Let’s call this a “prayer challenge”.

This is my day 1 Report:

So I woke up groggy this morning because I was up late last night.  I couldn’t sleep for two reasons. For one, I finished my last blog post very late and two, before that I watched some television shows on my ipad.  I was bored.

When I woke up this morning, very tired and irritable I thought, “let me hurry up and just get to work”.  I felt angry, because I had let myself stay up so late.  I have a couple of important meetings today and I won’t be at my best.  Then I remembered the prayer challenge…

I then stopped what I was doing and begrudgingly stood in my closet and began to pray.  I talked directly to God in the quiet of the morning and even read some prayers that I have on my wall.  The prayers are simple ones.  Mostly, they are about myself, my wife and the kids.  I have individual ones about each family member.  I copied the idea from the movie War Room. (Great movie by the way)

Then I asked God to guide my day.  God answered me right away, as I sat in silent meditation…

I felt him telling me to give myself a break and don’t treat anyone else badly today.  As you move forward today, remember that you didn’t have much sleep, so analyze yourself and think before you speak.  Don’t speak unnecessarily. You’ll be fine.

Those simple thoughts worked to calm my nerves and remove my anger.  And it took a total of 12 minutes.  I was not late to work and I have been having a pretty good morning.  Not bad for day one.  It totally changed my attitude.

Join me in this prayer challenge.  Give God 10 minutes first thing in the morning and see what happens.

Till next time…


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