Boss in the middle misses the mark at home. Prayer challenge day 1 wrap-up.

IMG_0427So, technically I passed my challenge.  Pray for ten minutes at the beginning of the day and see what happens.  I wrote a post afterwards, which you can read on my website.  Quick summary of the post, God answered my prayer right away and told me to make sure to mind my behavior today because I haven’t had much sleep.  I decided to stay quiet and just get through the day.  I could do that!  I was so proud of myself.  I figured, today is gonna be easy!  Little did I know, that was only the beginning.

Funny thing about not getting enough sleep is that, you tend to not notice until near the end of the next day.  Work was fine.  I was upbeat.  A little drama, as every boss in the middle goes through, but a good day nonetheless.  I came home from work after a long drive and decided to stop off at my daughter’s softball practice and meet up with the family.  That’s where it started.

I tend to drop my “good guy act” around my wife and children.  Combine that with a lack of sleep and watchout!  I began complaining (according to my wife) about every little thing.  It continued until we got home.  Then I went in on my daughter, who has an independent reading program that she continuously puts off.  I must have had at least three “conversations” with her about it tonight.  I basically kept saying the same thing, in different tones.  I threatened to take away cheerleading, softball, tablets and whatever else I could, if she didn’t finish her assignments.  She must have been confused by the time I got done with her.  By the way, she’s 9.  And a little sick with a cold right now…

My wife scolded me about it, but I ignored her because there was nothing wrong with the content of my discipline.  My daughter does procrastinate and I justified my actions.  My wife usually let’s me be “where I am”, when I’m in a funky mood.

I came back in my bedroom and while getting ready for bed, a little voice said, “remember you didn’t get enough sleep last night?  What were you supposed to do today?”

So, I had to tell my wife she was right…, again.  Then I said I would fix it.  I went into my daughters bedroom and apologized for being so rough.  I assured her that I was tired and cranky and that I wasn’t going to take her sports and activities away, but that she needed to do her work in a timely fashion.  Now, I’m telling all of you about it.

I am a boss in the middle at home too.  I need to remember that, because my energy rubs off on them.  I have a young son as well.  He will certainly emulate me, as my daughters learn what love looks like by the way I treat them and my wife.

I can do better.  Tune in for day two tomorrow.

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  1. This is very typical… it’s sad but most of us are “kinder” to other people than we are to our family most of the time- and you were able to clearly explain one of the reasons (which is the lack of sleep) why… We often miss to catch ourselves and it really does help a lot if we are more mindful & prayerful.
    I’ve written a post related to this- feel free to read when you can and like. 🙂

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