Sometimes, you need to take a time-out.

IMG_0417During conflicts, a boss in the middle must know when to say “time-out”.  There’s a point when arguing your point (even if you’re right) only works to further aggravate the situation.  There are many other benefits to discontinuing an argument.

1. You might be wrong. – Stalling an argument gives you a chance to step away and take your emotion out of it.  Your clearheaded perspective may give you insight that was previously blocked by your anger.

2. You might be right. – It’s much harder to stop arguing when you’re right.  The reality is, the other person or group feels just as strongly that their opinion is correct.  They are sending such a strong emotional message that they can’t receive what you’re saying.

3. Both sides may be wrong or both sides may be right. – What’s that saying, there’s more than one way to skin a cat…  Walking away may give way to a more unique solution when the two sides reconvene.

4. Maintaining a respectful atmosphere is ALWAYS more important than winning the argument.  You don’t want to ruin a relationship over a disagreement.

Sometimes, folks can agree to disagree.  When this isn’t possible it’s best to take a break, at least for the time being, before something happens that both sides regret.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, you need to take a time-out.

  1. Great wisdom in this article, plus pure knowledge of human nature. If you leave the issue unresolved, people are less likely to dump it into their mental trash can. In fact we remember the unresolved longer and you may get another bite at that apple at a time when your colleagues are not so emotionally entrenched.

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