Do you need a break?

IMG_0405This article discusses a crucial part of being a “boss in the middle” that’s often missed.  Sometimes, we need a break.  Here’s what I think we should do.


Our work will be there when we get back.

A common mistake is to think we need to get it all done.  We think we must push through to our goals until we make it.  That’s only partly true.

In reality, sometimes, we need a break.  Time to reflect and recharge.  For some, this may be a week, for others, a day is enough.  So long as we take it.

This break will allow us to;

  1. Relax.  Try sitting on the couch and just watching T.V.
  2. Sleep in.
  3. Enjoy something new.
  4. Enjoy something old.
  5. Reconnect with family & friends.
  6. Gain new perspective.
  7. Do nothing.

I’m often surprised at how effective and driven I can be, when I return to my work.  But, don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

As soon as you can!