Hating Christians

IMG_0401Some people say that if you don’t have haters, you’re not doing it right. That statement is very true for me, as a leader trying to uphold Christian values in a secular profession. For some reason, there are people that don’t like me and I believe it is because I am a Christian. Along with being a Christian comes certain stereotypes. Among them are we all hate gay people, we’re hypocrites and we believe in a fairy tales. We are irrational and judgmental. These are just a few off the top of my head and they are far from the truth.
When people believe stereotypes about a certain group or culture, it dictates their interactions with that group. This isn’t fair, but that’s life. So what do we do?

I asked myself this yesterday. I was in a bad mood about some things going on around the subject of people hating on me or potentially hating on me, for some decisions I had to make. My mind took this even further to say that a single person could destroy my career, if they passed along lies about me to upper management. I became anxious, nervous and a little afraid. I wanted to manipulate the situation and create opportunities where I could discredit this person and show others their folly.

Then I suddenly remembered Isaiah 54:17. I have been repeating it to myself ever since, as those thoughts creep into my head. I had to remind myself that God is bigger than any person or issue I could ever have. As long as I stay in His will, everything will fork out just like it’s supposed to.
I realized that I should actually be happy to have haters, because, if people of this world are hating me for being a Christian, then I am not aligned with this world. That’s pretty cool.

We don’t have to beat this world or win against evil people, all we need to do is love God and love everyone else. The battle is God’s. Keep a positive attitude and remember that by staying in God’s will, you’ll be right where you’re supposed to be. He will guide us and comfort us.

So I guess my haters are bringing me closer to God…