Leaders don’t make decisions in bubbles.

IMG_2858As a boss in the middle, you’re probably part of a team or group.  This group has work to do and most likely that includes making some decisions.  As the leader of the group, it’s tempting to make the decisions yourself and steer the direction of the group towards what you think the end result should look like.  You have experience and knowledge, why not just lead the team?  But that’s not true leadership.  Read on to see what a true leader would do, when confronted with an important decision.

  1. True leaders empower their teams to make group decisions.  This develops courage within the team, setting up an awesome environment of trust and accountability.
  2. By directly asking for feedback from the whole group, leaders give team members license to spread their creative wings.  It also has the benefit of creating the feeling of inclusion.
  3. True leaders recognize that the best decisions come from the entire group, not just a bubble of one or two “key” people.
  4. Aligning around common values and getting the group to make the decision together is the best way to create the necessary buy-in for success.  It’s much easier to motivate the team to make something work, when they created it.

Remember, true leaders develop other leaders.  The decision making process is a great medium for that purpose.  Don’t miss the next opportunity to get outside of the bubble.  Empower your team to an expected end!