Every leader needs to know this.

IMG_0389Things won’t always go our way.  At times, we’ll have problems leading ourselves and others.  For various reasons, our ability to influence and motivate will disappear.  We will seemingly exhaust every resource in search of answers, only to come up empty.  We may even begin to doubt that God can or will help us, based on the degree of our obedience to His will.  Sometimes we forget who God is and how many great things He has accomplished.  As a boss in the middle of this life, it is crucial that these thoughts do not overtake us.  See the following tips on how to remember who God is.

Psalms 77:12 – I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.

Remembering who God is and what He can do includes, but is not limited to, the following;

  1. Looking at the basics. – The universe and the concept of life are not easy things to ponder, let alone create in seven days.  A google search of earth’s wonders and you’ll quickly realize how much you don’t know.  God’s power is unfathomable.  Really meditate on that.
  2. Remember what God has done in your life. – Everyone has a testimony.  Think about your personal experiences and remember what God has already brought you through.  Meditating on these should bring about the realization that if He can do it once, He can surely do it again.
  3. Look to scripture for examples of what God has done. – There are many examples, but here’s the big one.  He allowed His son to be beaten and brutally murdered, so that we’d have a path to live with Him forever.  How many of us would give up our son, so that those who hate us might one day have a change of heart?  Read the history of Jesus and really meditate on what His sacrifice means for us.

Basically, God loves us.  If we have a problem, His word has the solution.  Our job is to meditate on it and remember God’s impact on our life and the lives of others.  We are to trust that He has us in the right space, at all times.  This will help us react properly, when things aren’t going our way.  As leaders we need to know this.  It’s important that we remain steady and strong, no matter what is going on around us.  If we don’t, we’ll lose influence and our teams will unravel.