All words matter.

IMG_0379If a father says to his daughter, “you’re beautiful”, she believes it. If he tells his son, “you can do it”, the son also believes. In both cases, if they trust the parent, the children normally won’t ask a lot of questions. Read on to see the opposite effect.

If a young girl hears her father say, “guys don’t really like big girls”, what does that do to her? How does that make her view herself and others?

If a father says to his son, “my teenage years were tough, I hated high school”. How do you think his son reacts, the first time he has a negative interaction in high school?

In these latter two examples, the father sets the children up for failure by planting negative seeds.

As a leader, your words are powerful. Your influential span can impact employees, team members, co-workers, students or your own children. You must realize that your words, even indirectly, can impact them for the rest of their lives. Think about all the things you remember from your past. Ask yourself, why do you remember them? More importantly, who was involved?  Probably someone you looked up to.

We must be very conscious of our ability to influence others.  It starts in the heart and becomes the communication we send out.

Mind your words, they all matter.