Leaders don’t make decisions in bubbles.

IMG_2858As a boss in the middle, you’re probably part of a team or group.  This group has work to do and most likely that includes making some decisions.  As the leader of the group, it’s tempting to make the decisions yourself and steer the direction of the group towards what you think the end result should look like.  You have experience and knowledge, why not just lead the team?  But that’s not true leadership.  Read on to see what a true leader would do, when confronted with an important decision.

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This life is flimsy.

Don’t look to the things of this world, like money, power and prestige to protect you.

Our lives are very flimsy and even more flimsy are the possessions which many of us hold dear. They can all disappear in the blink of an eye. A lot of times, all it takes is a savvy enemy. True joy is not there.

Instead, find contentment in the Lord. Follow His ways and His will for true happiness.
One of the best ways to do this is to help someone else. When we take the focus off of ourselves and pour love into others, it feeds our soul.

This can be through mentoring, coaching or leadership counseling. Witnessing about our experience in public is also a good way to get out of the way and allow God to use you.

As a boss in the middle, it’s your job to develop the leaders of the future.

Every leader needs to know this.

IMG_0389Things won’t always go our way.  At times, we’ll have problems leading ourselves and others.  For various reasons, our ability to influence and motivate will disappear.  We will seemingly exhaust every resource in search of answers, only to come up empty.  We may even begin to doubt that God can or will help us, based on the degree of our obedience to His will.  Sometimes we forget who God is and how many great things He has accomplished.  As a boss in the middle of this life, it is crucial that these thoughts do not overtake us.  See the following tips on how to remember who God is.

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Leaders will change in time; or in time, the company will change leaders.

IMG_0384Like the chameleon, leaders are not able to stay one way.  They must develop the type of character that can anticipate, accept, adapt and administer.  To become a problem solver and a voice of influence, these skills are very necessary.

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How to stop worrying, like a boss.

IMG_0382.PNGThis isn’t one of those bible verses that are hard to understand or easily taken out of context.

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

It’s the old classic, “don’t worry” verse.  But, there’s more to it.  As a boss in the middle of this crazy world, it’s essential that you understand this truth.

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All words matter.

IMG_0379If a father says to his daughter, “you’re beautiful”, she believes it. If he tells his son, “you can do it”, the son also believes. In both cases, if they trust the parent, the children normally won’t ask a lot of questions. Read on to see the opposite effect.

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Don’t waste your focus.

IMG_0375As a boss in the middle of this crazy world, we are always focused on something. Sometimes it’s exactly what we should focus on, sometimes it’s not. But we are always focused. Basically, we need to focus, on what we focus on. I am purposely saying the word “focus” a lot. It should be a focal point. Read on for my perspective of proper and improper focus.

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It’s Monday, again…

IMG_0373I am not normally overwhelmed with enthusiasm about Mondays.  I really like weekends.  Probably a little too much.  Weekends break up the monotony and allow me to spend time with family.  I can work on projects around the house or do general clean up.  If the mood hits me, I can invite people over.  I have freedom.  No meetings to attend, no reports are due, and I can do what I want pretty easily.  Makes it tough to get excited for work on a Monday morning.  But, since work is necessary, I had to change my perspective.  Continue reading to see what I did.

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Setting expectations for high levels of performance.

IMG_0371Some have said, “keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed”.  I think that’s poor advice somebody read on a t-shirt.  As a leader, you must set expectations and yes, they may need to be set high.  It’s a critical part of influencing teams to high levels of performance and accomplishing tough goals.  You can set high expectations, as long as you do it properly.

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