Things I need to tell myself.

img_0352There are things I’ve learned about myself which can only be described as character defects.  Flaws that at times, can make my life more painful than necessary.  As a result, I have made up a lot of sayings, quips, analogies and acronyms to remember who I am and my purpose.  I’ll share some of these things with you.

I suggest you create your own little reminders, based directly on your shortcomings.  Say them to yourself over and over until the thought becomes habit.

When I feel like I am not getting the proper respect.  When I think I’m “bigger” or “more important” than I really am.

I want to seem important in the eyes of others and at times it affects my judgement. I need to stay humble, don’t offer opinions unless requested and listen to others.

My expectations of how people are supposed to perceive me is not how they will perceive me. Some people hate for no reason and some people hate for reasons only they can truly acknowledge.

People have a tendency to let you down.  It’s not their fault, they are just human after all.  Be cautious when extending trust.  God is the only one we can truly trust 100% of the time.