They only had one job…

img_0350Their chain of communication only had one task to accomplish. Get the name of the winner to the people on stage, so it could be read on live television in front of millions of people. I’m sure there were a lot of steps and people utilized to make this happen. Time and energy was spent crafting a plan and it was put into motion. They had completed the task multiple times already, so they should have had a good handle on how to do it. So how’d they mess up?

We heard their explanation, but we may never know the real reason “why”. Did someone get distracted? Was there confusion? Were they rushing? Were they so used to the task that they became complacent?

Now think about your daily grind. As a boss in the middle, you certainly have more than one task to perform. You may do these tasks hundreds of times or just once. It’s important to remember that poor communication is at the core of almost every issue. Compound that with distractions, confusion and pressure to hurry and your chances of having a negative incident rise tremendously. Especially in situations that are considered “routine”.

We all make mistakes, but when you look back, you realize that they were all preventable. Pay attention to the details.

3 thoughts on “They only had one job…

  1. Right! This is especially true when your task is routinary and predictable. It’s easy to fall into the trap of making assumptions- like we already think that this is what is needed and we provide the automatic response/solution right away- but when we do pay a little more attention, we’ll realize it isn’t the case…Bottom line is we should always look at things with fresh eyes.

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  2. Preventable or not it made the night something we’ll remember for a while. We can go into the publicity it brought to the moment. Such a mistake is regrettable, but at that level into showbiz, it makes you think of how much they really did try to prevent it.

    Or it was just a simple honest mistake that happens to be broadcasted all over the globe in less than 24 hrs.

    Funny how it all worked out. Just hope no one lost their job over it.

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