Fear keeps you alive, but it doesn’t allow you to live.

img_0319Some people say a little fear is good because it keeps you out of harms way. Our innate, natural need to stay unharmed and healthy, keeps us from jumping off a bridge or driving our car at maximum speed. Fear of pain keeps us out of trouble for sure, but there are times in our life, when we allow fear to have too much freedom. See what fear does if left unchecked and what you can do about it.

Fear makes you hit snooze. Fear makes you put your head under the covers. Fear keeps you in the dark. Fear keeps you separated from other people. Fear makes you worry. Fear makes you anxious. Fear makes you diminish your light in an attempt to “fit in”. Fear makes you give excuses. Fear leads to procrastination. Fear makes you seek validation from others. Fear makes you bite your tongue. Fear conforms you to the environment, so that others are comfortable in your presence. Fear strips you of your individuality.

I don’t contend that we live fearlessly, I say learn to control your fear, so that is does not define who you are and what you do. In other words, don’t let fear become your inner-being or spirit. This is in direct conflict with your Maker’s design. Following life’s path in our true nature of power, love and self-control, allows us to conquer any fear this world throws at us. There is no power more mighty or able than God’s love. As leaders, tapping into our true spiritual center is crucial to our development and our ability to influence others toward expected ends. Control your fears and live out your true destiny.

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