The Ears of Communication

img_0310High performing teams require strong leaders, capable of influencing experts towards a specific goal. Leading a group toward any vision requires an understanding of people. This understanding only comes by listening well.

Listening and having a sense of how other people feel is paramount to a successful team effort. In fact, listening is the most important part of communication. We should seek to listen first, then speak. If you don’t listen to people and pay attention to team tendencies, how will you set a clear goal or send an effective message? How will you place the right people in the right position? Leaders shouldn’t have to explain why things get lost in translation. Leaders should be proactively form clear messaging.

The inability to align and influence people leads to inferior results. If you don’t understand people, aligning a group is a futile effort. With poor communication skills, failure is imminent. Great leaders receive information well, process it with the right filter and send the best message back with impeccable timing. They also vet the communication with a trusted team member, as another set of eyes, further ensuring that the messaging is clear.