Mr. Trump taught us a few things about leadership and goal setting.


You may have voted for Donald Trump. You may not have. It doesn’t matter at this point, it’s all over and we must stay united. I did not vote for either major party candidate. Having said that, I am not in alignment with those who think the country is doomed, nor do I think America will suddenly become “great again”. I am going to trust God and allow Him to work through our government officials. In short, I have a “wait and see” attitude.

This article is about what I learned from the election. Specifically, what I learned from Mr. Trump. As students of leadership, we should take every opportunity to learn from every situation. His team accomplished what was seemingly impossible. He will be sworn in as President of the United States, without ever having served in public office or in the military. No one has ever done that before. At the beginning, hardly anyone gave Mr. Trump a chance. He’s a billionaire businessman and a celebrity! It was a joke, yet he managed to pull it off. And he didn’t just barely win, he won big, against one of the most famous and well established politicians alive today. What was his secret? There are 6 key takeaways that every leader should pay attention to:

1. If you want something, you have to have the right mindset. No one is going to give you anything. If they give it to you, it’s not worth having and you won’t respect it. No one is going to believe in your dreams if you don’t.

a. Define your goal.
b. Identify the gap between you and the goal.
c. Educate yourself on how to fill the gap.

2. Form a strong team. It is obvious that Mr. Trumps family and political team support and help him a great deal, as they should. I suggest utilizing God first, then family, then friends / coworkers / experts. Some are there for support, others for their technical competency, etc.

3. Align the team around the goal. Get feedback and buy-in. Constantly fuel the vision with positivity that flows from you into the team. I never heard Mr. Trump say anything except, “we’re going to win”.

4. Plan. – Your plan needs to be evergreen, always ready to adjust to the changing environment. Constantly research components of the plan, stay flexible, etc. Only dynamic teams become truly great.

5. Execute. – Mr. Trump never stopped executing. Even when it was very apparent that he was making mistakes. Mistakes are ok and it means you are stretching yourself. As long as you bounce back and don’t make the same mistake again, you get to claim it as experience. Keep executing.

6. Follow-Up and revisit steps 1-5 when necessary.– Once something is implemented or a goal is reached, it is important to understand what the follow-up looks like. In this case, Mr. Trump will be under the watchful eye of the American people. He works for us now.

I am not necessarily a Trump fan or hater, but I do respect planning and execution. Mr. Trump utilized these steps. Are they included in your goal setting process?


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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’m curious. I am not trying to engage you in a political back and forth, but did you read the post? The article focuses on leadership as it relates to goal setting, not the issues. The tips can be applied to any situation.


    2. All you liberals have are your lame talking points that has no substance but dang at least know where to use them…haha!


    1. Thank you for your visit and subscription. A lot of people are commenting to me on linkedin and I can tell they didn’t read the article. People are very emotional right now. That’s ok. It will calm down soon.

      I have a lot of personal ‘real life’ experiences to draw from for content and I respect and study leadership. If you have a question about something specific, let me know. I am here to help. – Thanks again!


  1. I AM GOING TO TOTALLY DEBUNK THIS POOR EXCUSE FOR AN ARTICLE OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD!!!! This article is a Total misrepresentation of Having the Right Mind Set, Goal Setting, Teamwork, Planning, Executing and Following up. Trump did not have ” the right mind set”. His goal was to use the Presidency as a money making venture; that is NOT the right mind set. Trump had no authentic goals, he simply catered to the atmosphere of hate and resentment. During the entire campaign his goals were NEVER articulated or specific, they were broad and open to translation; the goals WERE BASED ON FEARS, LIES AND EMOTIONS BY A SEGMENT OF THE ELECTORATE. TEAM? WHAT TEAM?….You seem to forget many people EITHER quit, were fired and complained about Trump throughout the campaign and said very negative things about Trump and these were people supposedly working with the campaign. THE VERY PEOPLE WORKING WITH HIM DOUBTED HIS ABILITY TO LEAD. Trump has never to this day REVEALED A COMPREHENSIVE AND REALISTIC ….plan and you SEEM TO BE FORGETTING HE LOST THE POPULAR VOTE BY OVER 2 MILLION VOTES. THE ONLY THING THAT WAS EXECUTED WAS VOTER SUPPRESSION AN THE BIAS OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE.


    1. Thanks for the comments and feedback. Despite everything you mention he still reached his goal of becoming president. Please understand, I am by no means for or necessarily against Donald Trump. I understand people are very afraid right now and have valid reasons backing up their fears. I believe that my article was trying to point out that against improbable odds, he stayed the course to reach his goal, regardless of his policies. From his perspective, he’s right. Just because a person doesn’t believe in his policies, doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from him. We should learn from every situation in life, especially when the outcome isn’t something we agree with. It will help us understand who we are dealing with, as we gain insight on how to stop the same outcome from happening again. To be honest, if Hillary had won, I could have written the same article on her and someone else would have written a response just like you did. So who’s right?

      This election cycle was crazy to say the least. As you point out the popular vote went to Hillary, while Trump wins the presidency. Not the first time that’s happened either. Our country is very divided right now and it’s not good. I personally lean on God and the Bible for guidance, as my ultimate authority is God. He tells me not to worry or be anxious. I’m going to roll with that.

      I would invite you to read some other articles on as they touch on many different subjects. Fear and the human instruction manual, Do black lives matter at work and leadership, validation, etc. Thanks again!


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