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Servant leadership and influence.


As we begin the Thanksgiving Weekend, I am reminded about something a mentor told me years ago. “You can’t keep what you have, unless you give it away”. Seems counter-intuitive, but when applied properly, it can make all the difference. Thanksgiving is not only about giving thanks, it’s an opportunity to give, period.

Serving others places great value in them and is an awesome motivator. It works with teammates, co-workers, loved ones, etc.. This means selflessly giving away your time, talent, wisdom and experience. Love others as you love yourself and you will gain the ability to influence others toward goals. Do this sacrificially and you get to keep that influence. People are more willing to follow a leader that sacrifices something for the cause. Find someone or something to pour love into, not only on Thanksgiving, but everyday.

We’ve always done it that way, how could this happen?


Incidents often occur at organizations, where the root cause is found to be “human error”. In other words, a procedure was not followed properly or was otherwise ignored. Chances are it’s not the first time this procedure was broken. So how does this happen?  We have an answer to this question and suggestions for leaders who want to avoid this issue.

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People are afraid right now. It’s a fact. They justify their fears by saying “this or that could happen” and “the future is unknown”. By that logic we would always be afraid and unfortunately, that’s true for a lot of people. On the inside, we know we’re not supposed to feel this way. We innately know that on a daily basis, our life should be set up to live without constant fear. That’s why we go to work, earn a living, put a roof over our head, clothes on our back, support our children, etc… We’re naturally driven to seek out a sense of peace and security. One could argue that when we are fearful we are in a sense broken, or in a broken situation. So, how can we fix it?


Mr. Trump taught us a few things about leadership and goal setting.


You may have voted for Donald Trump. You may not have. It doesn’t matter at this point, it’s all over and we must stay united. I did not vote for either major party candidate. Having said that, I am not in alignment with those who think the country is doomed, nor do I think America will suddenly become “great again”. I am going to trust God and allow Him to work through our government officials. In short, I have a “wait and see” attitude.

This article is about what I learned from the election. Specifically, what I learned from Mr. Trump. As students of leadership, we should take every opportunity to learn from every situation. His team accomplished what was seemingly impossible. He will be sworn in as President of the United States, without ever having served in public office or in the military. No one has ever done that before. At the beginning, hardly anyone gave Mr. Trump a chance. He’s a billionaire businessman and a celebrity! It was a joke, yet he managed to pull it off. And he didn’t just barely win, he won big, against one of the most famous and well established politicians alive today. What was his secret? There are 6 key takeaways that every leader should pay attention to: Continue reading “Mr. Trump taught us a few things about leadership and goal setting.”

5 ways to live in harmony after a tough choice – An election special.

img_0217We are often asked to make tough choices. Sometimes this means making a tough choice at home, at work or politically. In the case of the U.S. election, people are being asked to make one very important decision that will shape the future. Our children will be impacted. Our hopes, dreams and aspirations will be in the grasp of a President, who will be powerful enough to broker peace or wage war. It’s serious. In that seriousness, emotions begin to take over rational thought, due to individual conviction and passion surrounding the issues. As humans, our natural tendency is to fight for our “choice”, so how can we think about living in harmony afterwards? Continue reading “5 ways to live in harmony after a tough choice – An election special.”

Embrace a tough environment? Why would you do that?


Ever been in a really tough spot in your career? Have you ever been forced to work in a group where the team argued most of the time? Did you get passed up for that promotion and raise? Is there distrust in the workplace culture? I’m sure we’ve all been in tough environments and our first instinct is to escape. We wish we could fast forward to the end and see how it turns out. Let me tell you a story about tough environments.

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